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“…We are in the presence of an accomplished, self-confident and well-defined artist.”

Michael Milkovich, Director Emeritus of  the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL


Allison Massari’s Work Hangs in the Permanent Collection of the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts

 The Healer” – A Paper Painting by Allison Massari

Allison Massari - The Healer


 Massari’s New Sculpture Series: A female torso with hot rod flames.

Allison Massari - Sculpture Allison Massari - Sculpture Allison Massari - Sculpture

“Transformed” Series #1

Sculpture 2010

Fiberglass & Autobody Paint

Allison Massari - Sculpture Allison Massari - Sculpture


“If this was the last work of art I could ever create I would be satisfied. This series represents the ultimate symbol for what is possible for each of us in life; that we can take something tragic and turn it into something elegant, empowering, beautiful.”

Allison Massari

Allison Massari - Sculpture



“Massari is an immensely talented artist…I’m a longtime admirer of her prodigious gifts.”

Lennie Bennett, Times Art Critic, St. Petersburg, FL



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